That Monday Feeling

Although I love my job, I still suffer from that hard to get going feeling on a Monday morning. This week was especially bad after having had 3 days off with going to Cake International on Friday. Amazing work to gawp at there. I'm psyching myself up to entering myself in November. We'll see.  

This week, I've got 5 cakes on; a Hetty Hoover, a Waterloo rugby shirt, a vintage bottle of wine, a toy box and a George from Peppa Pig. After the inevitable Monday shop and Google image trawl, it was cracking on with board prepping and model making. Hetty's plug, switches and nozzle are made, George and some bits are ready, the sides of the toy box are made and drying but the most satisfying job was herringboning this board. Wish my floor looked like this, actually...IMG_1839

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