A Hard Day’s Bake

Well, last cakes just about ready to come out of the oven and it's 10 to 10. I'm baking for a 4 tier wedding cake; the bottom layer a Simnel cake (instead of the traditional fruit cake as this was a short notice order with no time for maturing!), next chocolate, then carrot and then vanilla sponge. All seemed to be going well but on getting the Simnel cake out of the tin, it seems the long cooking (about 4 hours for a 12" fruit cake) has turned the marzipan layer to a toffee like consistency which I don't think will be ideal for cutting! I'm going to have to re bake tomorrow. Bit of a bummer but the 'toffee' Simnel will no doubt be eaten by my family and me, it's just not quite right for a wedding cake. I'll re-do it without the traditional marzipan layer and hope all goes well. Wish me luck.

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