I keep thinking I've had the busiest week ever and then it keeps getting busier! That's not a complaint. If I'm not busy, I'm skint but this week had me starting at 7.30 and finishing after midnight a couple of times. I think the best way to illustrate how busy is to show you the week's output. Here goes; IMG_1914IMG_1924IMG_1920IMG_1923IMG_1930IMG_1932IMG_1935IMG_1936   Oh, and it was our workshops too. That was great fun. After being so overdosed on cake, I wasn't really in the mood but once our lovely classes arrived and we started making, chatting and laughing, it was such a lovely day. Thanks everyone. Gorgeous work too! IMG_1945IMG_1953   So, off out for a drink and something to eat with a gang of friends I've not seen for a while. I think I've earned it this week!    

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