Smells like Christmas

I had quite a quiet week, order wise, last week which was good, funnily enough. It gave me the chance to bake a few big 12" fruit cakes for the bottom tier of wedding cakes for May and June. The fruit was soaking in a heady mix of Liverpool Organic Imperial Russian Stout, whisky, brandy and dark rum for a few days before the baking. It's amazing how much liquid dried fruit will hold. I'm a big believer in the fruit being literally dripping with rich alchy juiciness before I use it. It ensures that there is no possible way your cake could be dry! I baked a batch of smaller cakes for the Waterloo Beer Festival too. (Check the Liverpool Organic website if you'd like tickets).   Had a lovely time making this pretty cake too. Thought I'd try out making gingham icing to go with the spotty icing bow. I was quite pleased with the way it came out and think I'll do it again sometime. Getting little Sheriff Callie secure on Sparky, her horse, was a bit tricky but  a few cocktail sticks secured her for her ride to Leicester!



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