IMG_2061Last week was a challenging but really enjoyable week. The two big cakes of the week were a caravan with decking area and a carousel Christening cake, both of which took a bit of thought and planning with regards to the construction.


For the caravan, although I would have liked to have risen to the challenge of putting the decking fencing all around the area, as the cake had to travel to Wales I decided to play safe and keep the area level. In one way this worked well, though, as it meant you could see all the features on the decking itself better. I was just happy that Wendy and Joe, who the cake was for, were delighted with it. It was part of a surprise party planned by their daughters and I was glad to play a part.IMG_2067

The Carousel cake was a tricky one to work out too. In the end I decided on a wagon wheel core for the centre column, with the wagon wheels royal iced together and with a dowel forced through the centre of them. The dowel then went right through the base cake, the centre column and up into the cake and rice krispie canopy to secure the whole thing and prevent collapse! It  did the trick but unfortunately a couple of horses bolted on the way home on Thursday! I had worried they might not have set enough but we took a chance which didn't pay off. Luckily, none broke and they could be repaired with royal icing and left to set to make it safely to their destination for the Christening on Sunday!

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