I Love Beer Festivals

The highlight of my week was the Waterloo Beer Festival. I always love the festivals but this was especially good. I made my biggest range of flavours so far; salted caramel, red velvet, beer-y Black Forest, Honey Blonde and ginger, Josephine Butler elderflower and lemon and Imperial Russian Stout rich fruit cake, oh, and scones with jam and clotted cream for the afternoon sessions.   Friday morning my table was groaning with what I thought was enough cakes for the whole weekend. I was planning to just bake fresh scones each day. I got to Waterloo on Friday and was a it disappointed to be positioned in the back room, not the main room. I thought sales would be slow and that I'd be lonely. Although I did miss being in the buzz of the main room, I have to say, I wasn't lonely; loads of lovely people kept stopping by to chat and buy cakes and I sold out of cakes which made me both very happy but rather alarmed as it meant a shed load more baking on Saturday morning when I had to be in Walton for a chocolate wrapping class with the lovely ladies from Upper Tier Cakes for 10 am!   Early start Saturday, then. First batch of double chocolate stout cakes in the oven by quarter to 7 followed by a batch of 24 Carat carrot cakes. A quadruple batch of scones followed and a quick dash (nearly in my slippers) to my class while my lovely daughter manned my stall.  

The class was great and so relaxing after rushing round all week. It looked much easier than it actually was but after a few moments when we thought the cakes were going to be disastrous, we were all rather made up with our finished chocolately creations. My cake certainly was a crowd puller back at the beer festival where I cut it up and shared it out at last orders on Sunday. It seems there are few things in life people like more than free cake!IMG_2068

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