It's been an incredibly busy few weeks, which is good, not a complaint! What I love about the cake making I do, is no two days or weeks are the same. people want such diverse things for their ideal cake I could never get bored; there's always a new thing to do, a new challenge to rise to and I had a particularly challenging challenge a couple of weeks ago with my first ever 'wonky' cake (deliberately wonky, that is!)   I had my first disappointment with regards to a cake pick up the week before last. The cake was a particularly elaborate Alice in Wonderland, 4 tier, 'wonky' cake which I'd really looked forward to doing. Everything went really well and I was so pleased with how the whole thing came together and felt really excited about handing the cake over to its recipients....only they never came and I still don't know why. I'm so glad I took a deposit as it was an expensive cake to make as well as buy! What really touched me about this, otherwise disheartening experience, was how kind and supportive all my Facebook likers and Twitter followers were. The cake got more shares and retweets than anything else I've done and gained me many new likers and followers which was a real silver lining. The other good outcome was that the cake found an eventual home with my lovely friend's lovely daughter for her 30th birthday. So, although I was out of pocket, I still felt all's well that ends well.


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