This week has been mainly taken up with a wedding, a communion and a Christening. The communion was a joint one and cake-wise it was perhaps the biggest cake I've made; two 12" by 9" deep Victoria sponges with raspberry jam and buttercream put together to make a huge bible to celebrate 12 children all taking their first communion together. My lovely sis, Chris, came and helped me with the lettering as, I have to say, doing lettering is NOT my favourite aspect of cake decorating! She patiently popped out all the little letters for the children's names for me to position on the cake. Thanks, Chris. xx The Christening cake was one featuring all the little girl's favourite characters and was the first time I had to do a Mr. Tumble. Not quite sure how I feel about him as a character...certainly prefer doing Peppa Pig! The teleporter would really have come in handy on Saturday when I was taking a tall 3 tier birdcage wedding cake over the water to Port Sunlight, to the beautiful Leverhulme Hotel. Transporting wedding cakes is the most nail bitingly, nerve wrackingly, anxiety riddled aspect of a cake makers life. My daughter kindly came to help and the staff at the hotel were brilliant and I'm so glad to say, the cake arrived in one piece with no floral casualties. What a relief. Please, someone, invent something to transport cakes smoothly and the entire cake world will thank you forever. Please, also, councils, bear us in mind as you add speed bumps to roads already pitted and pocked with potential cake damaging hazards!

Here is the cake, though, safe at its destination. 2014-05-24 11.10.23

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