You may already know that whenever the opportunity arises, I'm all for crow-barring beer, or any alcohol, for that matter, into cakes. Although my 'home' brewery is Liverpool Organic, it was fantastic this weekend to be given the opportunity to do a bit of extra curricular brewery work with the fabulous, and very local to me, Madhatter Brew Co.   They were having a weekend event at their future bar on Jamaica Street and I went along with chilli chocolate brownies made with their gorgeously rich Baltic Porter chilli chocolate beer, 'Beerabrith made with their strong and fruity Red Rum brew and 2 tone cupcakes with half the cake being a chocolate cake made with American Psycho beer and the other half made with a raspberry with beer with raspberry jam and real raspberries. These had a matching 2 tone topping of rich chocolate fudge swirled with raspberry buttercream icing.   I also felt inspired, after making the Alice in Wonderland cake the other week, to make them a rather flamboyant top hat which was cherry and pink lemonade flavour. Have to say, I'm really rather into doing peacock feathers. If anyone fancies a peacock themed cake, please get in touch...   2014-05-24 12.14.512014-05-24 12.20.04

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