I really enjoyed this week. The cakes I had to do were all so different and really enjoyable ones to do and although I was really busy, it wasn't too manic and I had a couple of evenings off, woo hoo! Even managed to make it to my first ever 'class' at the wonderful Liverpool Cheese Company's Chees School. What thoroughly enjoyable night. I'd recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone, well anyone who loves cheese!   Cheese School was hosted by the Clove Hitch, one of my very favourite restaurants above my very favourite bar, the 23 Club. I feel especially honoured this week because I'm starting to do some puddings and desserts for them. First drop off was last night. Hope they go well. One of the puddings is a sticky apple and ginger pudding with ginger wine and Kraken Rum sauce. I obviously had to do a bit of sampling for quality control purposes and I have to say, it was the most gorgeous thing I've made so far! I love ginger, apple-y puddings and rum and served with a big dollop of extra thick cream...I went beyond the realms of quality control sampling and into the world of pure greed! It was a tweaked version of a Delia recipe so you know you're onto a winner! At the 23 they have the most delicious Apple Pie Moonshine. I'd really recommend you go, have a lovely meal and finish with sticky ginger pudding and a glass of Moonshine. You'll go away happy!            

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