Nothing plain and simple about it!

Although there were other cakes in the mix, this last week was dominated by a wedding cake which started out as a request for something plain and simple and ended up nothing of the sort!   I have a lovely, very arty friend, who I painted my favourite school play backdrop ever with ( a huge Wizard of Oz extravaganza), and he was marrying a very beautiful girl who is originally from Pakistan. They knew they wanted her hugely talented Henna tattoo artist sister, Shazia, to be able to use her talents on the cake and pipe some of her beautiful designs onto the icing, hence the initial request for something plain. But then my friend saw this... imageand everything changed!     Making this cake was a feat of engineering as well as cakey artistry! The huge bottom layer is rich chocolate cake. The first round tier is a Victoria sponge. The elephants, which I was initially rather reluctant to undertake, were modelling chocolate with the cake dowels passing through them so they didn't end up squashed flat by the weight of the top 3 and a bit tiers! The 3 top tiers were lemon, coffee and a fruit cake ball, supported by a rice krispie column, again with internal dowelling!   It was great watching Shazia, the Henna artist working her magic on the cream section of the upper tiers too and her work really came alive once it was gilded, rather painstakingly, as I was catching up with Better Call Saul!!IMG_2804       I've never felt more nervous about transporting a cake but was hugely relieved when the journey passed without a hitch and the top 3 tiers could  be placed, without any difficulty, onto the elephants! I think I may suggest supporting animals to other clients; they seem to work well! Looking back, although this cake was particularly challenging and caused a certain degree of sleep loss, I'm glad plain and simple was not the final design brief. Here's the finished article:IMG_2821

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