Since I started making and decorating cakes full time, I have been a home baker, driving my family mad by taking over the kitchen and our dining table on a daily basis. My cake paraphernalia is increasingly encroaching into our living space and my cupboards are full to bursting; some cupboard doors won't actually shut properly anymore! Which is all leading me to think very seriously about moving the business out of our home and into a purpose equipped workspace.   I'm currently in the final detail stages of looking into signing a lease on some work space above the Pen Factory on Hope St. in town. The space is wonderful and is in my very favourite area, dangerously close to the Twenty Three Club and Clove Hitch who I supply desserts to so I'll look at it as handy rather than dangerous! It's a big financial commitment taking on a lease but I know I can't continue indefinitely at home, well, not and stay happily married! Also, although I have no plans to build a big cake empire, being in a proper work place, rather than just in my house, would allow me, if the time ever came,  to take someone on to enable me to take more orders on each week. So, that's where I'm up to. If it goes ahead, the move will be happening soon; the beginning of April, so it's all very exciting (as well as nerve wracking, having rent as well as a mortgage to pay!)     I will, literally, keep you posted. By next week's blog I should know one way or another....we'll see, as my mum would say!

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