Last blog entry I was dithering as to whether to take the plunge and sign the lease on a new workspace. Well, I did it and I move in, as long as it's ready and I'm ready, on 1st April (I'm pretty sure it's not a big April Fools prank?!?). I'm really excited and really nervous at the same time. So far my cake making has enabled me to pay the mortgage, now I need to pay rent as well but I desperately need to get out of our house. My cakey wares are increasingly encroaching on our living space and by the end of a busy week, there are finished cakes on most flat surfaces downstairs!!     The location of my new place above the Pen Factory on Hope Street, is my very favourite part of town. My heart sings and soul soars every time I see Paddy's Wigwam, especially the way it looks against a dark sky. The Pen Factory itself is quite a lure and my favourite bar, the Twenty Three is just doors away and as I bake for The Clove Hitch, just above that, it all just seemed the right place for me to be!   My cupboards and worktops are getting sorted, my oven's ordered, it's all happening and I can't wait. The difference for me to be working in a purpose built space rather than a small galley kitchen and our dining table will be fantastic. I'll post some pics of inside when I'm in. For now, this  is a photo of the exterior.  10442494_458332400981095_6405631974106008298_n

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