Ship and Mitre Beer Festival

What a busy but enjoyable week last week was. Every time I have a beer festival on I always say I won't take any other cakes on as it always means I'm run ragged, but I'm rubbish at saying no, especially to friends and to loyal customers, so I always end up with almost my normal work load plus the beer festival baking! That sounds like a moan, but it's not really, it's like a challenge; a big knackering but adrenaline pumping challenge and I really quite thrive on it! There's such a sense of relief and satisfaction when you manage to finish everything, even if it does mean getting up at half 5 and going to bed at 1!   The Beer Festival was fantastic. For those of you who've read other blogs I've posted, you may have heard me say that, apart from the inevitable washing up, being a bit lonely is the downside of working on your own, as I'm naturally quite a sociable kind of person, so I love it when the festivals come along. It's great seeing all the familiar faces from festivals gone by and also lovely meeting new people. The atmosphere's always great and it really does seem that lovely people love lovely beer!   It's also always great to catch up with my fellow beer festival food providers,  Liverpool Cheese Company and Peninsular Pies I really do like the foodie bartering and exchanging that goes on between us It's never a healthy eating weekend but I can't say I mind a diet of cheese, pies and sausage rolls and cake for the weekend!     It's only a month now till the next beer festival at Waterloo. I've got one order already for that week but that's all I'm taking, honest...   11094245_468960419918293_8906733905113125285_nCBRBVDUWgAACE3k

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