I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks now but loads has happened on the move front since then. I've just been too busy to blog about it!! I signed the lease and got the keys for my new pad on 1st April and it's nearly ready now, kitted out as a purpose made kitchen/workspace for me to work in with a new oven, new mixer and all the kinds of things bakers get excited about. ¬†Just a few snagging things to do and a good dust down and I'm in.   It has made things this week a bit tricky, as I've been trying to move stuff over there but have still had cakes to make so needed some stuff here and needless to say, keep finding I've moved stuff I needed but hey ho, small price to pay for getting our house back to resembling a home rather than a fully functioning bakery-come-cake decorating studio!   I am a little concerned that my hubby has got so much behind the idea of my moving out of the house for work, he's encouraging the move on a more complete level; he's bought me a bread bin, toaster, kettle, cutlery and crockery set and is talking about a telly. Don't now how much to read into the fact he seems to be kitting it out as a bedsit. I know I work long hours, but I had still intended on coming home each night!   I will take some pics and post them when it's all ready. It's literally next door to the Everyman on Hope St. Look out for the banner that will be going up shortly outside. It's all very exciting.

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