My last few blogs have been about my would be move. This, slightly overdue post is to say, as of Wednesday just gone, I've been happily ensconced in my new kitchen/studio and I love it!   Being in town is great but even more fantastic is having the space to work in and enough cupboards for all my cake related paraphernalia, which, believe me is extensive!   When a hot cake comes out of the oven there's plenty of available surfaces to put it down on which is such a plus point!!   My working table is right in the corner in front of a wonderful bright window and even better, I don't have to clear everything away at tea time!   If you're in town, on Hope St, and feel like dropping in, I can buzz you in for a visit on the new intercom system, well, I can if I can figure out how to work it!   I'll post a few pics so you can see why I'm so over the moon...   10660239_478115882336080_2641683513060288373_n1907519_478115852336083_159548419043944571_n

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