Realise it's weeks since I've blogged and so much has happened.   One highlight for me was having a lovely work experience girl the other week. Mia worked with me for a whole week and when I say worked, she really did! She was such a Godsend in a particularly busy week with weddings, birthdays, Christenings and a Gin party to cater for. It made such a difference having a second pair of hands for Turkish Delight stirring, truffle rolling and cupcake piping as well as all kinds of other cake related tasks. I just wish I was in position to take her on on a regular basis, providing the long hours didn't put her off!!     The Gin Party was great, as usual, although, I didn't make enough, also as usual! I always seem to underestimate how much people want sweet treats with their gin. The Turkish delight was, in the end, a mixed success. So many people wanted it and I had made batches and batches of it to be put as the garnish in the new Liverpool Gin Rose Gin, which was fine. I also wanted a batch to sell on the stall as there'd been a lot of Twitter and Facebook  interest and I really wanted to make some lovely gin-y delight to live up to people's expectations. Unfortunately I think I over did the gin input on this last batch and it ended up being just too sticky to sell. I was happy to give people samples to try and taste-wise, it was a big success. I just need to keep working on methods to keep it dry and unsticky once it's cut into cubes as this seems to be the problem area of production. If anyone reading this has any tips, please e-mail me!  (This pic was taken straight after I'd cut and rolled the cubes in a mix of equal quantities of corn flour and icing sugar. 10 minutes later it was all wet and sticky) 11393113_499046713576330_7462011811449635660_n   The gin truffles were much more successful. I made dark chocolate ones with a dark gin ganache with a hint of orange, milk chocolate ones with a milk chocolate gin ganache filling and white chocolate ones with white chocolate and rose gin ganache. I think the dark are still my favourite but the milk and white ones were more popular on the day. I made 70 white ones for the Liquor and All Sorts Gin Event at Fredericks this week ad have made some bags of each type to be sold at a fab new bottle shop, called the Bottle tree in Formby. Fortunately, I have left some 'spares'.... 11401075_503142559833412_7168397804932058386_n11406986_503142526500082_470785564517397601_n10407869_503142496500085_6104208027046072674_n

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