The post I should have written last week

A big chunk of the week before last was taken up with my struggles to recreate the Statue of Liberty.     In about February I'd been contacted and asked whether I'd like to submit a cake representing a building in either New York or Liverpool to celebrate 175 years of Transatlantic crossings from Liverpool. I said I'd love to as it seemed ages off and I'd just made a mini Statue of Liberty for a New York cake and I really rather liked her and thought I'd be able to do a good job of her.   I'd thought modelling her out of Rice Krispie squares would be a suitable course of action and did anticipate the need for a strong wire to support her raised arm. Further than that, I just imagined it'd be plain sailing with the modelling. How wrong I was. Stage one went pretty well and I went home quite happy after modelling her from feet to shoulders and putting some nice folds of material icing on. Not so pleased next day, however to come in and see that she'd shrank by about 3 inches in height but had gained a good few inches in girth! She was looking far more like Hattie Jaques dressed up as Lady Liberty than the real statuesque thing! I had to take a knife to her and shave off layers of Rice Krispie until she was much slimmer and more in proportion. Recovering wasn't too bad but the next nightmare was that raised arm. The strong wire from a wire coat hanger proved to be not strong enough and once her torch was in her hand the whole arm kept drooping rather unconvincingly! Fortunately, my lovely caretaker at work, Ged, who's very experienced with set building and other useful things, had the idea of tying the wire of the arm into the barbeque skewers which were supporting the head and pulling it in that way. It worked a treat and I could the cover the tying in wire with one of the spikes from her headpiece. This was such a relief.   I could now crack on with the rest of the modelling; the bit I like best. She did take far longer than I thought and as I worked late on Friday, all day Saturday and then from early in the morning on Sunday, I had to acknowledge it was pride that spurred me on. Knowing that your work is going to be on public display puts a certain pressure on you. She was a lesson in bursting my pride really. I did think I'd be capable of doing her justice but in spite of her remodelling she did just keep getting dumpier and more matronly. I had to get over feeling rather despairing and see the funny side; I'd made a short, fat version of the Statue of Liberty.  Technically, she's been a great lesson in learning the importance of internal structuring for these sort of cakes!   Anyway, here she is, standing on the map, in place at Mann Island for the Transatlantic Festival. 11168921_511575495656785_3479970437201351804_n

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